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Stop by today and see the special treats you can pick up for your dog at our bakery. All cookies are wheat, soy and corn free, using only the best ingredients, and even feature special designs on them. Montclair Feed & Pet Supply LLC of Montclair, NJ is your local canine baker.

Now your dog can indulge in delicious ice cream, too. All doggie ice cream is made with natural ingredients. Vanilla, peanut butter, maple bacon and carob flavors are made with lactose-free whole milk.

Homemade, healthy treats for your furry friend straight from our canine bakery.

Want to pick up a special treat for your dog on Valentine's Day? We've got it. Celebrating your dog's birthday? We can help you do that, too. Organic birthday cakes can celebrate your dog's day of birth or adoption date.

Doggie ice cream available

Special designs available

We welcome you to check out our canine bakery for those special occasions, but of course, your dog's daily health and diet is important too. For more on dog food, check out Dog Food Advisor for food reviews. We only carry food that is rated four stars and above on Dog Food Advisor.

Solving your dog's diet concerns

Call 973-746-4799 for your dog's special organic birthday cake.